Monday, May 12, 2014


Food fantasy, that's what this is.
It actually happened to be born out of one. One fine brunch at Mugg & Beans, we happened to order a tantalizing drink which I, at that time had no idea would make its way to the blog. Honestly, I can't remember the name of that magical sherbet, but this is an oh-so-glorious dupe for a way more affordable price per glass, and because the entire thing looks like marbled layers after layers of juicy, ripe mangoes with sweet, creamy vanilla icecream that look like they're floating atop each other, I named these babies: Mango float chillers!

Dad can't seem to get enough of these, neither does mom. I made these two days in a row just because they were that delicious. Perfect for the blazing summers here.

And then I tossed on some whipped cream and chocolate chips/kiwis and more mango chunks for good measure. Invite family and friends over for a casual outdoor gathering and these will be the star of your party or snuggle up with an individual one to pamper yourself after a sweltering day out.


Mango Float Chillers
Serves: 2


About a cup and a half of chilled mango puree
An equal amount of Vanilla ice cream as the puree.
Whipped cream (to top)
Icing sugar (as preference. I used 1/8th cup)
Corn syrup/Mango syrup (optional)

For the topping:

Mini chocolate chips
Other diced fruits


1. Leave out the icecream and mango puree (if you're using the frozen version) to soften until semi-solid.
2. In a blender combine all the mango puree with the required amount of icing sugar, I recommend to add a tad bit lesser sugar than your prefer because the vanilla ice cream adds a lot of sweetness. For an even thicker and candy-er version, add about a tablespoon of corn syrup and keep aside.
3.In another bowl, take out little chunks of the semi-solid vanilla ice cream and churn it with a spoon till it's a thick and creamy liquid.
4. First spoon in the layer of mango puree as the base. Take a spoon and bring up a little of the puree on all the sides. Then spoon in a tablespoon of the vanilla ice cream bringing it a little above and below with the spoon into the puree. Then spoon in the puree again. Gently fold in a little to create the marbled effect between each layer.
5.keep repeating step 4 till the glass is 3/4th full!
6.Top with whipped cream and add mango syrup or fresh fruits. I added mini chocolate chips in one and fruits in the other.

Serve chilled!

Look at all those lovely marbled layers!

And that healthy doze of semi-sweet chips! :)

Florals make everything all the more prettier don't ya think??

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Stay happy!

Love, Nash
(PS: I'm in the midst of a thunderstorm of exams right now which is why I haven't been uploading regularly, sorry!)


  1. Look Delicious! <3 Yum :)
    Mangoes Fan HERE!!! =D
    Will try this as soon as I get my hands on some fresh mangoes ^^

  2. Hey there MANGO FAN!
    Yup, can already imagine you gobbling it up! :D

  3. It seems delicious and the pictures looks amaizing :)

  4. loOks DeliciOuslY AweSum!!! ^_^

  5. Dis chiller deserves 5 stars!!!sure gonna try it!!!!lov mangoes!!!

  6. You have to taste it and tell me! <3


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