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Wallart again :) Aren't we always looking for some quick low-budget ways to brighten our walls that look droolworthy? Recently I've been getting floored by all the Rifle Co. mixed media art (pretty much dominating my latest likes on Pinterest!) and I think it's so utterly gorgeous! So today, let's recreate some of that on our very own walls and imagine ourselves as Miss Fancy Painting Pants!

Let's take a look at the inspiration for this DIY

I didn't want as much of a botanical overload as in the art above though. (The references to the images are in the end of the post)


Fake flowers cut off from the stem's start/Handmade paper flowers*
Scissors, super-glue, a pencil and a ruler
Paints/Sharpies or any other markers that deliver vivid color
An empty, shallow cardboard box/A shadow box

*More on that in step 2


1.If you're using a cardboard box like me instead of a shadow box, you'll want to deck it up a bit. I did the outside and inside edges with some mod black and white washi tape to balance all the color to come. (You can also use some metallic gold to do the edges to give more of a luxe look).

Snip off any awkward edges jutting out.

2. I wanted to give more of a handmade effect so I made handmade paper roses by using this template from The Elli Blog. It's absolutely addicting to churn out one fabulous rose after the other!(thanks Lia!)

3.Next, bring on the typography! I used my own handwriting but you can also print out your favorite quote in any font you choose (except Comic Sans, because that's just....comical) and paste it on the base of the box.
(If the base of your box is not white, you can layer it with some white paper or any other coordinating color of choice)

4.Begin playing around with the arrangement. You have two options here, either glue down the roses or draw the botanical stems first . Personally, I'd recommend doing half and half. (wait, that just made it three options.) I drew some of the stems before; this gives a raw idea of where you want the flowers and then added in more leaves like they are popping out from the roses underneath.
Make sure your roses at the base are a tad bit flattish (flat, flatty, flat-ish? Lol) so that they adhere properly. If they are not,snip off a bit of the end so that they are not so pointy, and then dab a generous amount of glue.

5. Add in a few more 2D elements like buds in the same color as that of the roses to unify the whole art. You can add more visual interest by corralling up different objects like buttons and sequins onto the art but I left mine as is since it would look too cluttered up.

And you're done! (If you're looking for even more contrast, use a chalkboard background for the artwork. Splendid any route, I say!)

I'd actually like to share a bit of a cute disaster at the project's beginning. When I was printing the paper rose template in pink, the printer ran out of ink and printed the petals in various colors of pink and of course, the roses turned out even prettier because they looked all the more natural with so many different shades! (Haha, adapting, like a boss)

The larger the surface area of the background, the greater options you have for filling in.
There ya' go. Create one and make your momma proud.(with all respect)
In hindsight, choose as sturdy of cardboard as you can to avoid the slightest of bending.
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In the meantime, 
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I apologize for not posting since two weeks straight since I've been literally aping around in between my exams and had to painfully push the blog on the backseat, but I'm back now and will be posting every week or so as usual and to really make it up to you I'll be posting a wonderfully simple DIY and freebies next week, so stay tuned!

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Hope to see you soon,
Big, sunny smiles to everyone,

Links to images on the Inspiration board:
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  1. that's cute!! :)
    Love your wall art inspiration collage!! :)

  2. This is so pretty!! Love it as usual!

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