Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inspiration Nation//DIY Washi Tape!

If you've seen tuts on DIY Washi Tape before, I applaud you. Big chances are, you love to be budget-friendly like me without sacrificing on the prettiness of things.Hi-5! This tutorial goes an extra step further and gives you clever tips about the ins-and outs of this super-sweet DIY.
If you've seen my free Giftwrap post here, you'll see how I came up with this nifty lil' project. I had a bit of  my own designed wrap left over which I didn't have the heart to throw away since the patterns were just so pretty. I decided to jump on the chance to makes some washi tape to utilize every last bit  *wink*
And now sweets,here's how to go about it:

You'll need:
1.A roll of wax paper
2.Double-sided tape (not pictured)
3.Scotch (magic) tape
4.Leftover giftwap*
5.Craft Knife
6.Ruler and a pencil
7.A cutting Mat

*PRO TIP-No leftover giftwrap? Don't stress! Let your imagination run wild and use up pretty pages of old magazines, fabric scraps and colorful shopping bags!
1.Cut your paper into equally-measured-width strips.

2.Lay out the wax paper and along one edge affix the double-sided tape.(Wax paper because it can be easily detached when using your own tape!)

3.Place your strips aligning with and over the double sided tape continuing as one length till all the strips are one whole really freakin' huge strip!
4.Now trim that freakin' huge strip again (with the double-sided tape and wax paper layer inderneath)*

*PRO TIP-Before you trim again, you might wanna add an extra layer of magic tape on top. This saves the washi tape from wear and tear and makes it liquid-proof!

5.Now roll that baby up and secure with a bit of magic tape in the end to stop it from unfurling.

Mission accomplished!

Here, you can see my three new musketeers with the rest of my collection! :)

Turn up the heat on your craft projects now!
(and also on that pin button if you please!)
See you soon!
Much love, Nash
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CREDIT:(An element of graphic design from the first image has been used from freebies at Charlize Creations @


  1. That's lovely!! MashaAllah!
    May I ask you something...on what program did you create these prints? Photoshop, illustrator? i'm in love with your blog BG and the BG of the buttons in your blog....what programme did you use to make those?


  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Thankyou San!
    I use only Photoshop (v.CS6) for everything on my blog :)

  3. LOVE these beautiful rolls of DIY tape!
    i guess i am a little slow, BUT when you're finished, is it a stack of wax paper, tape, then the patterned paper?? and is the wider tape two rows of wax paper/tape/paper?

    and THANK YOU for sharing all of your lovely ideas!!!

  4. Thankyou so much!
    I'm sorry I sounded confusing, the bottom-most layer would be the wax paper, then your double sided tape and then the top-most layer would be the giftwrap strips, so the double-sided tape is sandwiched between the wax paper and giftwrap.
    And yes, for the tape, I cut my wax paper to the width of the giftwrap and had to do two rows of double -sided tape.
    Hope that helped!

  5. Love this idea, I have so many beautiful pieces of wrapping paper that I can use now on my craft projects.

  6. I'm glad you love the concept of recycling those beautiful scraps Mary! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I hear you can also use napkins, newspaper, tissue paper, and so on, although I haven't tried any of this myself - yet!

  9. Yup, I have a tutorial on the blog for making one using napkins! You can recycle so many things! :)

  10. Love this idea, thanks for sharing!!

  11. You're welcome, glad you loved it! :)

  12. Assalamu'alaikum, ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Vety good idea! But well, i want to make washis that the patterns are still in my computer. How should i print them?
    And also, how do i make the roll―like any other real washis? The roll that made with cards(?)
    I hope you made this tutorial with a video, imma bit confused with the 3rd and 4th steps. But really, your idea is amazing! ゚+.゚(´▽`人)゚+.゚




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