Friday, July 19, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//Free Printable Earthy-toned gorgeousness!

Because it's been raining cats and dogs over here in India, and the wi-fi effortlessly gets cranky, I've been waiting about a week to actually do this post for you guys.
On one hand, I'm smitten by the glorious weather with chilly winds and monsoon blooms, I've been dying to launch my newest collection which turned next to impossible with the electricity cutting down at the most random times!

Annyyywayyy, all that climate inspired such a drool-worthy earthy-hued collection. This collection is going to be nostalgic to me later on because it was born out of the rosy buds that sprung this season by our Villa's courtyard and the chocolatey tones of the rain-sodden soil, add to that the lush green of the leaves springing everywhere!

So cheer up a loved one with some uber-sweet giftwrap or scrapbook your fav memories on these sheets. If not that, use it to hip up any of your other creations!
And lastly, if you find the papers too printer-heavy, then download the co-ordinating labels to dress up your gifts and accessories!

Happy creating!

Download and Print the complete set here!>>

I would have loved to put up a snapshot of the my courtyard over here, but I guess I'll keep that for the next post!

What are you gonna use these papers for? Do share!
Thanks for dropping by & don't forget to pin if you heart this!
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  1. Fabulous papers, thanks for sharing - away to look at the rest of your blog.

  2. That's wonderful to hear Canne, thanks!

  3. these are wonderful : thank you so much for sharing ! i share the link here : and there :




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