Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles- DIY Artsy Caddy!

Spruce up your hobby space with this fun and functional DIY project.Just grab some used up tins and jars (pasta sauce, corn, mixed fruit, milk powder you get the gist!),the more varied sizes, the better! You don't really need a detailed tutorial for this, (pictures are worth a thousand words?), but I've added tips along the way!

Here's what you need:

1.Nail varnish
2.Craft Glue
3.Tins/jars of assorted sizes
4.Pretty papers/scrap fabric
5.A pair of scissors
6.Lazy Suzan
7.Glue pads (optional)
8.Waste Plastic bottle caps (optional)
You musta noticed my tin cans are sealed, well, that's cuz' I was too excited to take pictures during the project and took this afterwards!

Cut the paper/fabric to size,glue it on to the surface of the can,make as many as you want, fill 'em up!

The jar is taller, which is why I store my paint brushes in there.If you have longer rulers, Pringles cans are perfect! (oh,and those tags from a website I can't remember, I'll post the link here as soon as I find it!)

I use bigger cans (coffee cans, oats cans, milk powder) to store craft glues and bigger marker pens.

If you want to give the larger cans which I kept in the center a lift, glue plastic bottle caps upside down to the bottom of the cans and that should do the trick!
And oh yes, it looks wayyyyy better if you line a third of the inside of the cans with the same paper!

This project was originally inspired from the amazing Cynthia Shaffer here and I added a few additions and touches of my own, so you can customize it too! You should check out Cynthia's version too!

Finally, I didn't glue down my cans but if you are afraid of them toppling over, you can add repositionable gluepads to their bottoms. That way you don't have to worry about them tipping them off and you can pick up a single can and carry it out n' about! :)

               If you want similar papers or the ones I used on my tins, you can find them here and here!

See you with another su-weet tut soon!
Gocreate! <3
Nash :)

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