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Following feature prima of my Vanity Rehab series, here's one which may remind you of one of my other quite popular DIYs. Remember this DIY Ring Box I made over here using hair curlers? The idea is the same, but this one's for all your arm candy. Yup all that stash of bracelets, cuffs, bangles and watches.
I think by far, given by supernatural prowess to hoard bangles and bracelets, I've developed quite a collection of bangles. Is that just me? Or do other people too have one specific jewelry item they buy monumnetously more compared to other jewelry? Annnyyyhowwww....
Craft A Doodle Doo: Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Getting ready is now more of a breeze. Just introduce that^ babe in your routine. :)

Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

The great part is, everything's flexible, the bracelet rolls are secured in place using velcro so they can be taken out easily and can be even placed vertically just in case you randomly decide to use them as brush holders or a whimsical place for your eyeliners and lip liners. :)

I really love how it turned out. My version as usual is OTT girly, but I'm sure not everyone goes nuts over florals and cute pastel patterns, so you could do yours in stripes, or solid colors, anything.

[For the regular readers, I'm so sorry I should be uploading more since it's hols now but it's Ramadan too and as a Muslim, it's sort of tough to maintain your routine while you are fasting AND going through a full personality detox. ;) ]


You'll need:

1.A cardboard box (Don't get one from the store. you know it's time to upcycle your shoeboxes now and subscription boxes.) I made one myself because I needed specific dimensions to fit on this cute table by my mirror.
2.Discarded toilet paper/kitchen towel tubes
3.Napkins or pretty scrapbooking paper
4.Double sided tape.
5.Velcro (optional)


1. Of course you'll first need to decorate that plain jane box. I absolutely adddddd-oreee this Tilda box made in a workshop with their products and created a passable knockoff. ;)

PS: Make sure that one of the sides of whichever box you use is slightly larger that the length of the toilet paper tubes!

PS sequel: I lined the inside of the box with coordinating washi tape just to fancy it up.

2. Next, just trim and adhere the double sides tape to the length of the tubes and start wrapping the napkin just like how you'd do for a shawerma. Totally insane comparison, yep.

3. Since I used an entire napkin to hide the brown undertones of the tube, there was extra length of the napkin left on either side of the tube which... I pushed down into both the open ends giving the impression that the napkin covers the inside of the tubes too.

4. This step is optional. To secure the tubes down onto the the box's base, I glued a velcro dot in the middle of the tube's base side down. Center the tube exactly in the middle so you have a little space left on either side to lift up the tube.

And now with all the wrapping, I'm really craving a shawerma.

Alternative: If you're not one to have toilet paper tubes on hand, simply take cardboard (of thin variety of course) and roll to the size of your precious jewelry. You can also cut down Aluminum or clingwrap tubes to size. :)
Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Just added on the lid which is basically some lightweight chipboard covered with lovely fabric and a faux pearl in the middle. :)
Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Throw in some flowers alongside for good measure because flowers make every thing more vibrant and because flowers are just my darn style. (And yes, I made two of these.)
Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

And don't forget to join everyone who is doing the hot stuff: Pinning interesting DIYs!

Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet
Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Looked so sweet that I couldn't resist snapping away pictures of this new homemade fab-ness.

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I love you all! Two more posts and I'll wrap up this series,
xoxo, Nash



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  1. Don't worry about your bangle hoarding, I think I have a bracelet obsession, my jewelry box if overflowing with them :)

  2. Haha, next to bracelets, I just loveeee ear rings! <3

  3. Wow, this is so clever and looks so posh! I would never have guessed you used toilet paper tubes to make this! Love!

  4. Thanks Marlene! It does look a whole lot changed. :)

  5. where did you get that floral watch?! I love it!!

  6. HI Nicole, I got it from a clothing outlet called Koton. You can check 'em out here. :)

  7. Thank you for the great idea! I tried it out for a small box (a little rough, but kind of my aesthetic xD) and love it ^-^ I will be sure to visit here more often

  8. very nice. wouldn't have thought of using tissue rolls. First time visiting your site.

  9. I tried this with my sister and I gotta say it was very nice! I was bored at home and this project was very fun and useful! But I made a few tweaks. for example, instead of wrapping fabric on the tissue rolls i used tape to decorate it. And second, i had these artificial rose clips and it made the jewelry box very pretty. totally recommend this 👍

  10. What is your box covered and lined with