Friday, September 27, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles//DIY CUBBY SHELF ORGANIZER {Design Your Own Series-3}

Good day class! As part of the thrifty+glam makeover editions we do in the Design Your Own Series..we present you part 3-DIY Glitter Cubby Shelf Organizer!

Like the caption reads, this is a stylish, dirt cheap and easy solution to gather round your essentials. Here are the basics:

1.Spray the corkboard with adhesive spray and sprinkle on glitter to cover whole. Do two-three coats to make sure the glitter stays put for a long, long, long, long, long time.

2.Best to use empty colored duct tape rolls if you don't want more work put into this. I didn't have those on hand so I covered mine with adhesive velvet fabric, and painted one hot pink with acrylic paint for a bright pink POP!*

3.Hot glue the tape rolls onto the board.Set a few hours to dry.

4. Use heavy duty foam mounting tape (and loadza that) on a wall, shelf side or anywhere you'd prefer these to grab n' go in the morning and install your finished cubby shelf unit.

5.Chuck your go-to essentials in, use it, flaunt it, pin this and share this!

*Painting gives a shabby look and feel to your "cubbies"

EXTRAS: Use broken jewelry pieces like earrings, or studs from necklaces and hot glue them to push pins to display notes on the corkboard. You'll never know when you'll need an emergency loving pick-me-up. ^_^

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  1. omgosh..... You know I love this- Gold & Glitter!!

  2. haha, who doesn't adore anything glitter? Thanks Laurel! :)

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