Friday, August 2, 2013

Craving Ravings// Juicy Chicken Shaslik!

I don't know about you but nothing in the chicken category beats juicy,oozing with flavor and barbecued chicken on skewers!

Well, faux barbecue works too.. I guess; which is why today we have Chicken Shaslik (also pronounced as Sashlik sometimes).

I have no idea whether this dish is Indian, from Pakistan or Bangladesh, I couldn't trace the exact origins, however, we had a restaurant here (we still have it but I consider it to be insignificant now) which had this grand dish brought sizzling on the table, it was the star of their menu I tell you, until, they revamped the whole menu and the next thing I knew was the waiter telling that they don't do that dish anymore.
What? What did he say?! 
I can't even tell you how amazing it was, so I began searching online of course and couldn't find one that came out the same but decided to pick one out with the best reviews and give it a go!

And ta-da, they turned out terrific, except for the fact they weren't the exact same restaurant style cuz' I'm pretty sure the hotel didn't use barbecue sauce!
I did this with 500 gms worth chicken breasts and that delivered 10 big sticks with four chunks of chicken each. You can adjust the quantity as you want of course!
To download and print the recipe, simply right-click and save it as an image.
I had a mental tragedy (sort of) goin' on since the past three days since I'd lost my Nikon's memory card, so I had just a skewer left by the time I found it and took a snap!

Merry dining folks,
Take care, Nash :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles//DIY Floral Deco Tape!

 Ahoy there, matey! 
I daresay that you must have a beautiful paper napkin stash in you DIY trousseau if you are a craftypants like me because, okay, don't get me started on everything you can do with napkins! Decoupage? Yes please! But when you combine that with the mighty warrior of crafty supplies, washi tape, here's what you get. 

A very vintage, a very floral, a very classy deco tape that can be used in a  jabillion ways.

1.Get your supplies ready, masking tape, scissors (in two different sizes, big and small for normal and delicate cuts), cute printed napkins and glue.
2.Cut out the pattern on the napkins. Of course , mine had to have vintage roses on it given I have a retard obsession for 'em.
3.Glue down the cut-outs onto the tape. I would suggest doing a clear finish of modpodge on top too; but I didn't have that handy at the moment.
4.Voila, wrap fabulous presents, update blah decor or restyle mediocre accessories to fashion statements. You've got your very own gorgeously florastic masking tape for cheap!

And because it's masking tape, you can untape it when you're feeling a different trend hottening you up.

But really, I don't think I would ever tire up of my tape. Look what I made with it!

Onto the drawer of my side table, it looks so refreshingly spring, not to mention 13198089829 times better in real life than in the picture.
Eternal spring in my bedroom, yeehaaa!

And if you are into scrapbooking this is just as fabulous for that too.
I got this napkin pack from Ikea, and I think I might end up making more of my tape from a riot of colors and patterns.
What would you do with yours?
Happy inspirations and pin this if it sparked your next idea!
PS: To see other alternatives for Washi Tape, click here!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//Free Printable Earthy-toned gorgeousness!

Because it's been raining cats and dogs over here in India, and the wi-fi effortlessly gets cranky, I've been waiting about a week to actually do this post for you guys.
On one hand, I'm smitten by the glorious weather with chilly winds and monsoon blooms, I've been dying to launch my newest collection which turned next to impossible with the electricity cutting down at the most random times!

Annyyywayyy, all that climate inspired such a drool-worthy earthy-hued collection. This collection is going to be nostalgic to me later on because it was born out of the rosy buds that sprung this season by our Villa's courtyard and the chocolatey tones of the rain-sodden soil, add to that the lush green of the leaves springing everywhere!

So cheer up a loved one with some uber-sweet giftwrap or scrapbook your fav memories on these sheets. If not that, use it to hip up any of your other creations!
And lastly, if you find the papers too printer-heavy, then download the co-ordinating labels to dress up your gifts and accessories!

Happy creating!

Download and Print the complete set here!>>

I would have loved to put up a snapshot of the my courtyard over here, but I guess I'll keep that for the next post!

What are you gonna use these papers for? Do share!
Thanks for dropping by & don't forget to pin if you heart this!
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